Q: How is the reunion price determined?

A: The price is based on your class size, location, and menu selection. A significant portion of your ticket goes towards the facility rentals and the meal where your reunion is being held. However, your class reunion ticket price covers more than just the food. There are many other costs involved in planning a reunion that most people don't realize! Printing of invitations, postage, the alumni search, entertainment, memory book and providing staff during the planning and actual night of your reunion are some additional costs that are included in the ticket price of your reunion.

Q: What should I wear?

A: The "dress code" is stated on your invitation and will probably be one of three options: Coat & Tie, Coat & Tie Optional, and Dressy Casual. Coat & Tie simply means that most will be wearing attire similar to what you may wear to a wedding. You can follow that same rule of thumb for Coat & Tie Optional, with the Coat and Tie of course being optional. Dressy Casual is best described as wearing something dressier than jeans or shorts, but something a little more casual than a suit and tie or formal dress. Regardless of these "dress codes," wear what you feel comfortable in and just use the dress code as a guideline. Keep in mind that you will see a little bit of everything at a class reunion.

Q: Can I pay with credit card?

A: Yes. We accept Visa and MasterCard on our web page and provide a secure web processing to receive your payment and process your Registration Form and Questionnaire. We do not accept Credit Card credit card information via email. We do, however, take reservations over the phone at (770)339-7414. Feel free to contact us.

Q: How can I find out who is going to attend?

A: We normally do not have a good idea of who is attending until closer to the registration deadline (normally 4 weeks before your reunion). After that, a committee member will have a list of those who have signed up.

Q: My spouse / date is coming to the reunion, and they will not want a Memory Book, which is included in the ticket price. Why is their ticket price the same as mine?

A: When determining a ticket price for a reunion, we take the total costs and divide that by the estimated attendance. Our estimated attendance includes dates and spouses of the actual alumni. So, the people that are attending the reunion as guests are actually helping to pay for the Memory Book that each alumnus receives. For example, instead of determining the ticket price for alumni at $55.00 per person, and non-alumni tickets at $45.00 per person, we simply quote an average ticket price at $50.00 per person for each person that attends the reunion.

Q: Will you mail tickets to me?

A: No, we do not use tickets for the reunions. We will have a list of those who have paid at the registration table at your reunion that evening.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: Yes. A full refund will be given if Celebrations is contacted no later than 30 days prior to the reunion date.

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